How to decorate a bookshelf

7 Tips For Decorating A Bookshelf

“Have nothing in your home that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

-William Morris


1. Horizontal & Vertical Books

Stack your books horizontally or vertically. This will add visual depths to your bookshelf and allow you to accent with a variety of pieces. Have 3-6 books per stack and accent with small bowls, vases, and pictures.


3. Add some green!

Adding plants and flowers to your bookshelf helps to soften the area and makes the room feel more comfortable. Be sure to stay on theme with your colors.

5. Centerpieces

There are plenty of ways to grab attention with a centerpiece to your bookshelf. Use a bowl or basket and fill it with fruit, round objects that have an interesting texture, or a collection of pottery.


7. Keep it simple

Decorating your home should be FUN! Don’t feel like you have to fill all of the space on your shelves. Accent with items that you love, and your home will feel comfortable and not cluttered.


2. Colors, Colors, Colors…

Pick a theme. Have 2-3 colors you can use as accents throughout the bookshelf. Use the same colors that are already in the room. For a monochromatic look, turn the books around, showing just the pages or purchase neutrally bound colored books.


4. Bookends

You can use regular bookends that are interesting and complimentary. Adding an accent piece or a sculpture as your bookends can be a beautiful touch. Note: For kid spaces, you can use toys and stuffed animals for bookends.


6. Accents

This can be a difficult one. We recommend a mixture of textures, antiques, and styles that all add to the theme of your space. Using vintage books can add a sense of history to the bookshelf. You can also use pieces like this glass necklace to draped over a stack of books to add movement and to catch the eye.

Here are some more examples of bookshelf decorating

in the residential work we have done!

Final install of the year

I spent the morning installing the last few items to complete a project that has encompassed a young family and two houses. They were one of our first clients at LAM Studios, at the time they lived out in Matthews and we helped them furnish their home..... Roll forward a few years and we have been privileged to be included in a new commercial office build out for him and now a new house for their family in Myers Park.

As the year concludes I can't help but feel thankful to all our wonderful clients who include us in their life journey.. from nursery additions, kitchen and bathroom renovations to upsizing and downsizing... it has been an adventurous year of creativity.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday Season and best wishes for a New Year.

Brakeman's | Our neighbors down the road

The holiday season is a perfect time to take a "brake" at the newest coffee shop in Downtown Matthews! Designed by our staff at LAM, this space creates an environment geared towards taking a break to sit down, sip some coffee or tea, and chat with a friend! 

Lighting up the showroom!

We are loving the new lamps in the store that arrived this week!

Why do we love them so much? These items were selected because of their unique look and feel. Whether you are creating a softer, more comfortable space, an industrial style environment, or looking to brighten up a room, please browse our new selection of lamps in Mathews, NC! Call for Pricing! 

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